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Leakproof Shower Enclosures

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We do quite a few shower enclosures, some are tile, but we have found what we believe to be the the most versatile, waterproof system.

We start with a Thermoformed solid surface pan. After we repair and create the proper framing and the rough-in plumbing, we carefully template the shower floor. This template is used to create a lightweight moulded pan. It's made from the solid surface material and color you choose. It's properly pitched towards the drain, has raised sides, and a curb at the entrance.

Some people use a pan that involves setting the shower wall pieces on top of the pan sides, we do not, we install our walls down into the pan. This eliminates the chance of water leaking past the pan. Others use 1/4" sheet material for their shower walls, we do not. We use only 1/2" material which provides another level of durability to our product.

We then set the pan in place with mortar or adhesive, perfectly level and stable.

Next we template and fabricate the walls, this includes cuts for plumbing, lights, shower caddys and anything else. These panels are seamed, tightly fit and attached to the walls. Some jobs then require a new ceiling, which is a great way to keep all that steam off of the paint!

All panels are polished and sealed for a beautiful finish.

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  • Of course, it's leakproof!
  • Tremendous color options
  • The pan matches the walls
  • Unlimited inlays, etchings and accents
  • More slip-resistant than tile
  • Easy to clean
  • Mildew resistant
  • Easily integrated benches and soap dishes
  • Smooth seal with glass enclosures
  • Repair-friendly 100% acrylic
  • On and on and on...



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